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Tiyamike Group, Saveup Beneficiary

Tiyamike VS&L is found in Mzinda Village GVH Mzinda in TA Bwana Nyambi, Mangochi District. The group started 2 years ago, with its members comprising of chronically ill persons and households keeping orphans and vulnerable children who benefit from I-LIFE monthly food rations. The VS&L members of this group comprise 9 women and 1 man, all from Mzinda village. Your browser may not support display of this image.

By March 2008, they had over MK30, 000 at hand and the group decided to diversify its savings and loan programs into Agro-business by joining the Agro-Enterprise initiative of poultry farming which I-LIFE through Emmanuel International is promoting. The 48 year old chair lady lamented; “I could not believe my eyes watching the arrival of these chicks remembering how we started 2 years ago, we struggled to kick start our VS&L because people regarded us the most vulnerable in the village and doing nothing but receiving food aid. But now we know we are self dependent and we see the brighter than ever.” Thanks to I-LIFE program for uplifting our livelihoods.

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