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The Clean Water and Sanitation program is part of the Malawi Churches Partnership Program (MCPP) Water and Sanitation Consortium. This program aims to reduce the prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases and associated costs through provision of clean drinking water, improved hygiene and sanitation services, as well as overall community empowerment.

Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan)

The EcoSan project overlooks the construction of latrine structures for villages and trains the village to properly use and maintain the latrines. Trainings focus on the "how to" aspects and benefits, but also provide full clarity on the challenges to Malawian norms and beliefs. Once full, the latrine structures can be reused in other location and the human manure is then harvested and used for purposes such as planting trees. To date, approximately 200 ecological sanitation latrines in 10 villages and 1 school have been completed, and over 50 tree seedlings have been distributed.

Water Point Rehabilitation

The Water Point Rehabilitation project works among 7 different villages to rehabilitate non-functioning water points and provide safe portable water. Village Water committees are established or re-established and trained in area of water point maintenance, sanitation, and financial management in order to ensure financial security for spare pump parts.

Shallow Wells

Shallow wells are dug by the community under the supervision of the WatSan team. Shallow wells are between 6-15m deep. The Shallow Wells project commenced with the construction of 9 shallow wells which are expected to be completed by December 2009.

Community-Based Management (CBM) Training

CBM Training empowers villages with knowledge and practical tools to help ensure that water and sanitation related diseases are reduced among all members of the community and that interventions through the project are sustained beyond the partnership of EIM with the community. CBM activities include leadership training, financial training, and well maintenance.