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Student of Malundani SChool, drr Beneficiary

If I were a TEACHER, I would have taught my pupils the advantage of planting more trees, the effects of desforestation, and how HIV/AIDS can be prevented.

If I were a  VILLAGE HEADMAN, I would have taught my people to grow different types of crops, to send their children to school, and to have one faithful sexual partner.

If I were a DOCTOR, I would have taught my clients to go for HIV testing, to eat the six groups of food, and avoid medication.

If I were a DRR FACILITATOR, I would have taught my community how to prepare for disaster, how to process different types of food, and grow different types of crops.

If I were a MUSICIAN, I would have taught the world to rely upon different types of food, to encourage child spacing, and to discourage polygamy.

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