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Biton auti, church links - msci Beneficiary

Biton Auti is a Home-Based Care (HBC) volunteer in the Machinga District. He has been trained in basic health care and assists people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in his community. On a Cross Visit with nine other HBCs, he exchanged ideas and listened to stories about what other HBCs are doing to uplift their communities.

HBCs receive a medical kit box complete with supplies to be used for chronically ill patients who are unable to visit the health center. Supplies include bandages, basic OTC medications, Gentian Violet, and other ointments and health care supplies.

In order to keep the medical kits stocked with supplies, Biton is involved in income generating activities such as the maintainence of a community maize garden. This draws him closer to the other HBCs through the stories of encouragement shared. They sell the produce and use the profits to restock the kit box. They also write referral forms for clients when they need to be seen at the health center, and transport them on their bicycles when needed. Each HBC volunteer receives a bicycle to help them with their responsibilities when they complete the training.

Biton speaks of how those in his village had once been very timid about going for VCT (testing to determine HIV status), and many did not know their status. After several open meetings, many have now gone for testing. Biton was encouraged by the Cross Visit, and enjoyed chatting with others who were also devoted to uplifting their communities. He has begun to learn about the Village Savings and Loans program. He looks forward to continuing to working together with other HBCs to uplift and sensitize their communities.

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